Closure of Exam Centre Bern: The authorised Exams Centre Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne are here for you and  will help you and your candidates to sit your Cambridge English qualifications. More

Closure of Exam Centre Bern - We are here for you.

You will have heard that the Bern Centre announced today that it will close as of immediate effect.

No doubt this has come as a surprise to you but rest assured that the authorised Exams Centre Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne are open and we will help your candidates to sit their Cambridge English qualifications.

We are here to support you and can offer you all the services that you have been accustomed to from the Bern Centre ... and more.

We offer all Cambridge English exams at numerous locations in Switzerland.

Please contact us immediately so that we can help you re-schedule any cancelled exams, obviously subject to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 situation.

These are very difficult times for all but we are doing all we can to maintain continuity and stability. We want learners to be able to prove their skills to the world and gain access to a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities.

Autres regions d’examen en Suisse

Genève (CH005)
Geneva, Chêne Bougeries, Cologny, Gex, Petit-Lancy,Thônex,Veyrier

Jura (CH020)
Delémont, Porrentruy

Valais (CH055)
Brig, Visp, Sierre, Sion, St. Maurice, Monthey

Vaud Est (CH106)
Aigle, Villars, La Tour de Peilz, Vevey

Vaud Ouest (CH105)
Lausanne, Payerne, Pully, Morges, Nyon, Renens, Yverdon