This document has been written to give you the information you need when you enter for a Cambridge English Examinations Centre. You must read this document carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, please contact the Geneva & Vaud West-Lausanne Centres.

Schools and Course Administrators should ensure that this information is distributed to all the teachers running Cambridge English Examinations Centre courses.

1. Exam Dates

Please consult the Examination Calendar for the exams offered, their dates, entry closing dates and fees.

2. Online Entry

Block Entry

This is to be used by Preparation Centres (schools) / teachers making entry arrangements on behalf of their student(s). ONE registration form per examination and date must be used. Preparation Centres entering candidates using the Block Entry must ensure that:

  1. they have received permission from their candidates to act on their behalf.
  2. in case of minors the necessary permission from a parent or guardian has been obtained.

Individual Entry Form

This is to be used by candidates entering privately.

Registrations are only valid if the printed copy of the entry and proof of payment reaches the Centre within the registration deadline. If you have a problem with the payment date, please telephone the Centre before submitting your registration.

3. Speaking Test Arrangements

Speaking Test Dates

The possible dates for the Speaking tests are clearly stated on the Examinations Calendar. Candidates are expected to attend the Speaking Test at any time on these given dates. If a candidate is unable to attend on one or more of the dates on the calendar, he/she must inform the Centre in writing by the entry deadline.

Speaking Test Partners

All Cambridge English Examinations Speaking tests (apart from YLE) must be conducted in pairs. The Centre will arrange for candidates to be paired on the Speaking test day as indicated on the Examinations Calendar, unless a Speaking partner has been chosen. If you request a Speaking partner, both candidates must enter the same exam in the same Centre on the same written test date and must have paid their exam fee on time.
The consideration of a partner request can not be guaranteed. The Centre reserves the right to rearrange pairing on the examination day as necessary. This may result in a candidate having to accept a later interview time.

Speaking Test Change

A change in date or time of the Speaking test after the allocation of the tests is only possible under special circumstances. The reason for the request of change must be made in writing to the Centre and will be authorized only with the approval of the Centre Exams Manager. Any change to a Speaking test date or time will be subject to a CHF 75.- administration fee.

Block Entry Speaking Partners

The order in which a Preparation Centre enters candidates generally allocates the pairing of the Speaking tests. The Preparation Centre may also send the Centre a separate list of the pairs of their students.

4. Late entries

After the closing date, a few places may be available at an additional cost of CHF 50.-.

5. Payment

For schools/block entry the preferred form of payment is collective payment.

Payments are accepted by e-banking, post or bank transfer. Candidates also have the option of payment with credit card (via Pay Pal). Payments are payable to

When paying through e-banking, please ensure that a statement confirming an executed transaction is included with entry.

Payment slips are available upon request.

Payments made within the last 3 days of the entry deadline must be made by bank transfer or credit card (Pay Pal).

6. Confirmation of entry

Individual Entry candidates will receive an email acknowledging that their registration is valid after completing the online registration form and upon successful receipt of payment at the centre.

Schools will receive an email acknowledging their registration for each completed exam level online entry form. The Online Block Entry Candidate Details including Fee form will be attached to the email. They will also receive a confirmation of the payment from the Centre.

7. Attendance Timetables

Individual Candidates will receive a Confirmation of Entry and Timetable stating dates, times and venues for each part of the examination at least 3 weeks before the first scheduled examination, which will usually be the Speaking test. If a timetable has not been received by that time, please contact the Centre.

Preparation Centres will receive the Confirmation of Entry and Timetables for their students via email to the person responsible for the entries at the school.

8. Withdrawals and Refunds

Refunds are only given when a registration is withdrawn before the entry deadline. After the entry deadline, all withdrawals and cancellations are NON-REFUNDABLE apart from for absenteeism resulting from illness. In this case, a medical certificate must be submitted to our office within 10 days of the written exam. The candidate will receive a partial refund (KET, PET, and BEC P - CHF 100.- | all others CHF 180.-).

Entries can not be transferred from one examination to a later one, to a different level of examination or to another person. All parts of the examination must be taken in the same session.

9. Re-take Option

Candidates who fail their exam by 2 points or less are entitled to request the re-take option.
The fees for a re-take exam are the following ;

The Centre must be contacted within 15 days of the official examination result release date.
The resit must be taken within 9 months of the official examination result release date.
The re-take option is only valid for the same examination which was failed.

10. Results

Results are available on the Cambridge English Language Assessment Online Results websites. Candidates will receive access codes on their Confirmation of Entry and Timetable to obtain their results.

Preparation Centres will be granted access to the Preparation Centre website where they will be able to receive their candidates' results online.

11. Re-checks for results

This service is available for candidates who request a re-check after receiving the results. There is a fee of CHF 60.- for Stage 1 and a fee of CHF 160.- for Stage 2. You must have the Stage 1 result before going on to Stage 2. Contact the Centre Exams Manager for this service.

12. Certificates

Certificates for successful candidates will be sent by registered post several weeks after the results are available. If a certificate is returned, it will remain in the Centre until the candidate contacts the office but for no more than 2 years. Returned certificates will only be resent on payment of CHF 20.-.

13. Candidates' Answers

Work produced by candidates in the examination will not be returned to the candidate, to their school or the Centre.

14. Data Protection and Test Day Photos

Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations are becoming increasingly high stakes with many organisations worldwide recognising them for a range of purposes. As a result, test day photos are mandatory for Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations except FCE for Schools, PET for Schools and KET for Schools..

Registration for a Cambridge English Language Assessment examination is subject to these Conditions.

Cambridge English Language Assessment reserves the right NOT to issue results if there is no corresponding Test Day Photo for the relevant exams.

In the case of minors (candidates 17 and under) schools should ensure that they have taken the appropriate steps to obtain permission from parent or guardian for a Test Day Photo to be taken. See above for exams that are exempt.


Do not bring anything of value to the examinations as the Centre is not responsible if belongings are lost or stolen. You are not allowed to keep anything on your table except your passport, pencils and pens. One small bottle of water is tolerated. No other drinks or food are allowed. All electronic equipment must be given to the Centre staff before the start of the exam. Failing to do this will result in disqualification.

Further information

For further information consult the following on the website;